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The Fuji X-E1 photo production. Part 5

I’ve posted a number of images on my google+ and blog already. So here are a few recently taken on a photo walk about with my club pals.

All images are taken with the Fuji X-E1 and 18-55mm/2.8-4 lens and to my eyes I cannot fault it. I set the camera mainly to 400 iso on aperture priority and set about looking for abstract and street photos. I was particularly pleased with the Monument tube station image (800iso) where the camera proved quite capable of getting the detail from the darker areas and at the same time handling the brighter lights of the station.

All the images have been edited in LR4, where I have reduce the highlights and increase the shadow brightness. (a Serge Ramelli tip!) I have enhanced a little colour to taste as it was an overcast day, and with the architecture shot I have used a preset from Trey Ratcliff as a starter and then made some subtle changes to it.

Overall I can’t think of a single item of this camera that I would want  changed. It focuses fast enough for me, its sharp, has a very easy menu to use. The lens is superb (18-55mm/2.8-4) and an absolute joy to use. This setup just makes me want to get out more and shoot!

More images next time.


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